Nude Works
When I started to take photographs, I was interested in a woman's body, emotions and love. 
Ordinary and Beautiful (2008-2009)


Those appearing in this series are women I know well.  Regardless of ages, I sincerely admire and respect them. Some are old friends I know for a long time and others are those I have become close through this project.  They understood my intention and allowed me to take photographs of their unclothed bodies. As we met several times, they seemed to feel at home and relax.  Their bodies reveal their life of the past and at present and may indicate something of the future.  We talked a lot about ourselves to each other.


Through shooting I felt that our ties got stronger and I myself was also somehow healed and encouraged. And then, the bodies symbolizing their existence seemed to me more and more precious. They are ordinary and beautiful. 



Love is a theme which always attracts me.  In this series, I would like to depict a drama, in which a woman pursues true love. I want to believe that such love exists, but I am not sure. I feel that love is something illusionary. Nonetheless, people donユt and wonユt stop loving, which is a human aspect I am deeply impressed. In these photos, at the same time, I tried to include my favorite Japanese traditional items, which have been quickly disappearing in todayユs society. The tragedy of the couple ending their lives together by themselves is also an ending which was once so adored in Japan after Chikamatsu Monzaemon produced a puppet show based on the actual case in the 18th century. In fact, not a few couples followed suit, while people might be more (somewhat ignorantly) passionate about love.  

NORA (2006)

I started to take photos with this series in 2004. In those days, I had relationship problems. In a closed community I belonged to, I was obliged to accept a given role without questioning.  I felt that I was not regarded as an individual. Persuaded by well-meaning people that I had to conform to the social norms, I nearly lost myself. One day, I came up with the idea to take photos of myself. I needed to confirm my existence somehow. As if catching at a straw, I took up a camera, and then I was soon fascinated by this means of expression….  It took me several years to regard this personal project as a complete work.  Over the time, however, hearing what people say about these photos, I started to think (and hope) that something to be shared with others might be hidden inside.  The title was taken after the heroine of “A Doll’s House” by Henrik Ibsen, a woman who sought for freedom and independence.