Uma Kinoshita is an independent photographer based in Tokyo. As a self-taught photographer, she started to take photographs in 2004. Her initial interests were in a woman’s body and emotions. With her nude works, she won several awards and held exhibitions at home and abroad.



However, the disasters of March 11, 2011, have drastically changed her photography. She has turned her eyes, which had been so introspective, to big social issues. In the first year after the disasters, she pursued the absolute loneliness people could experience by taking pictures of places where no one could or should be, and thereby completed a portfolio entitled “Lost in Fukushima.” In the second year, she focused on the role of their local religion as a source of their community resilience and completed her second Fukushima series entitled "Prayer in Stricken Land." These two series have been exhibited at home and abroad and some are in collection of Fukushima Museum.


The most recent work is "In Silence and In Sorrow."  In this series, she uses Japanese traditional hand-screened paper called "Kamikawasaki-washi" from Nihonmatsu, Fukushima Prefecture, which has a history of over 1000 years.  




May 2007 : Group exhibition  “W2M” PLACE M, Tokyo, Japan

November 2007 : Group exhibition  “W2M2” PLACE M, Tokyo, Japan

July 2008 : Group exhibition  “Artful Nude” The Center for Fine Art Photography,  Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

December 2008 : Solo exhibition  “SKIN DEEP” PLACE M, Tokyo, Japan

December 2009 : Solo exhibition  “The Hand Remembers” Gallery DAZZLE, Tokyo, Japan

March 2010 : Group exhibition  “Inner Vision” PLACE M, Tokyo, Japan



July : Slideshow projection “Fukushima” 16th Voies Off Festival, Arles, France

August : Solo exhibition  “Fukushima” PLACE M, Tokyo, Japan

September :  Solo exhibition "Cinema Japon" in “In the Mood for Love” with Henry Horenstein (USA) and Gilles Berquet (France), NKA* PHOTOGRAPHY, Brussels, Belgium



April : Group exhbition “Reflection: 9 Photographers’ Eyes on Fukushima”  Kitakata, Fukushima, Japan

May : Solo exhibition “Cinema Japon”  FEPN - Festival Europeen de la photo de nu - Arles and les Baux de Provence, France

August : Solo exhibition “Cinema Japon” PLACE M, Tokyo, Japan



February : Group exhibition “Reflection ver.2: 9 Photographers‘ Eyes on Fukushima”  Minami-souma, Fukushima, Japan

September : Solo exhibition “Lost in Fukushima”  Fusai-ji Gallery, Murakami, Niigata, Japan



April : Solo exhibition "Lost in Fukushima" in “Conseguenze. Vajont-Fukushima” with Michele Mattiello, Villa Breda, Padova, Italy

June : Solo exhibbition “Lost” atelier kirigiris, Fujisawa, Kanagawa, Japan

July :  Solo exhibition "Lost in Fukushima" in “Conseguenze. Vajont-Fukushima” with Michele Mattiello, 28th Spilimbergo Fotografia 2014, Mulino di Ampiano, Pinzano al Tagliamento, Friuli, Italy



March : Solo exhibition "In Silence and In Sorrow" in “Conseguenze. Vajont-Fukushima” with Michele Mattiello, PLACE M, Tokyo, Japan

April : Solo exhibition "In SIlence and In Sorrow" in Joint Exhibition with Michele Mattiello and Yoshimasa Ono, Nishiaizu International Art Village, Nishiaizu, Fukushima, Japan

November : "In Slence and In Sorrow" fotofever with Froz Magazine Vision, Paris, France 


October : "In Silence and In Sorrow" 5th Singapore International Photography Festival 



November : Participated in "Donne & Fotografia," a large-scale group exhibition held by CRAF in Udine, Italy, with one photograph from "Lost in Fukushima" 


January : Solo exhibition "In Silence and In Sorrow" ondo kagurazaka, Kamome Books, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

August: Photo & Sound Exhibition "Memory of the Land, Prayers in the Wind" with Masaru Nakajima, PLACE M, Tokyo, Japan


March: "Pairing FUKUSHIMA" with Ryuichi Yahagi, curated by Seiji Komatsu, EMON PHOTO GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan

May: "Pairing FUKUSHIMA" Kyotographie+ with Ryuichi Yahagi, curated by Seiji Komatsu, Gallery Malonie, Kyoto, Japan

2010 - present

2010 - present




Honorable Mention, The 26th Annual Photography Contest 2006, Photographers’ Journal and Cannon, USA


Artist Showcase Award, Artful Nude (juried by Kim Weston), The Center for Fine Art Photography, USA        


Honorable Mention, The International Photography Awards in the category Fine Art Nude Professional, USA


Juror Award of Merit, Grand Prix de la Découverte: International Fine Art Photography Award in the category People/Portraits, France   


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